midi track delay ms - special mode for Interval Legato

So most of the major instrument libraries now feature recorded interval legato - as pioneered by VSL and adopted by pretty much everyone else - Eastwest, Cinesamples, Spitfire, 8DIO, LASS, Embertone etc etc

Howeer when you’re playing interval legato there’s quite a substantial delay when the interval kicks in - some libraries more than others. I’m often having to offset with a pre-delay of between 100-200ms via Cubase’s midi track delay, sometimes as much as -300ms.

Now the problem is - the 1st note of each phrase - and any subsequent notes which don’t overlap, don’t suffer from the same interval delay, thus don’t need offsetting. Which can be a major pain as you have to then manually shift these notes forward to stop them sounding too early in the phrase. Similarly if you don’t use track pre-delay then the 1st note of each phrase will be in time, as will non-overlapped notes, but anything overlapped will sound sluggish and late.

What would be incredibly cool, is a special “legato” mode for track delay, which only offsets overlapped notes.


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