Midi track has grey diagonal lines across it

I only use Cubase pro 11 sporadically although I have been using it for many years. I just went to create a midi track using halion sonic se1 and without my noticing it became greyed out with diagonal lines across it. The track is made up from several parts and now if I try to copy one of them to another section of the track nothing happens. Its probably something simple but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of warning message. The track plays back fine and i can still record to it. I have tried saving and then closing down Cubase but made no difference. Any ideas as to whats going on. I suspect its to do with over writing the track as I was looping when it happened.

OK - I hit delete on the various sections of the track and there must have been multiple versions over written. It now looks normal

if it happens again, you can confirm that there are multiple overlapping midi events by setting the midi track to display lanes - that should show each overlapping event on a separate lane of the track.

Many thanks. I will set that as a default

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