Midi Track Inspector - VSTi Output selector gone?

In the inspector of a midi-track which is connected to a vsti with multiple outputs, there was the possibility to change the visible output in the inspector, it seems the channel selector is missing? (Or i missing something obvious?)

Please have a look at the screenshot, with Cubase 7/8 comparison
Cubase 8.0.40 && 8.5.20, Mac

The information which channel is used still there, if you import a cubase 7 project, only the drop down menu is missing.
Does being in the “Miscellaneous” subforum means, this isn’t important? :-/

Its mac only! The windows works right

Same problem found with Cubase Pro 9.0.30 and Windows 10 Pro CU.
The output selector does not appear in the instrument track inspector.

I hope in a bug fix in the next updates.

I remember i fixed this (on the mac), with renaming the cubase preferences folder (which also sets any other settings to default)
Maybe this will fix the problem on windows too.