midi track leeps freezing

every time I double click on a midi track to make edits cubase8 keeps freezing, and it happens on all my projects now. does anybody know what I should do?


The default settings is, Key Editor should open. It seems, something is broken in the Key Editor.

I would recommend you to use Safe Start Mode of Cubase, or trash your Preferences of Cubase.

thank you for your response, I have only had this program for like a month or two, I dont know how to run it in safe mode, and also I havnt changed anything in preferences since I got it, I wouldn’t know how to trash anything yet really. is there anything I should in-particularly be looking for in preferences? I was working on some projects yesterday, and just one second later when I clicked on the midi track it froze, and just like that it stopped working.


unfortunately it didn’t work. I have attached a pic of what cubase 8 is now telling me, if this helps at all. by the way I really appreciate your efforts to help me out bud, Thanks.
Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 4.04.25 AM.jpg

And did you restart the system?

thank you for your help, I figured it out. somehow a pre recorded track attached itself to my quantize function. so once I reset that back to a proper configuration, it stopped freezing. thanks again for helping me troubleshoot this issue.