Midi track midi send

Hi guys, new to the forum and Cubase 6 (just dloaded the trial).

I have this project going on in wich I have 4 VSTi’s layered for the lead sound.
In previous versions of Cubase you could have a single midi track sent to all 4 VSTi’s.

Nowadays with instrument tracks this doesn’t seem possible…

Unless I’m missing something?

Seems to me that using the VST rack defies the whole purpose of having Instrument tracks.

Maybe it would be a good idea to lets say beeing able to drag and drop instrument tracks into a midi track, thus creating a folder type of track. This way you could have one midi file playing the notes, but sent to how many VSTi’s are in that midi/instrument folder…
Cubase 6.jpg

Instrument tracks are limited in function.

Use the instrument (rack) then you can have a midi channel with sends, sending to a further 4 Instruments.