MIDI Track "MIDI Thru?"

I’m using Cubasis 2 with a Yamaha Montage. On MIDI tracks, “MIDI Thru” seems not to be working, or at least not working the way it seems to me that it should.

I have the Montage transmitting and receiving on MIDI Channel 1. I set up a MIDI track in Cubasis that both receives and sends on MIDI Channel 1. I set the track to “No Instrument,” and turn “MIDI Thru” on. When I play the Montage, I would expect that MIDI note events would be transmitted to the Cubasis MIDI track, where they could be recorded. I would also expect that the MIDI note events would return from the MIDI track into the Montage where they could trigger the tone generator.

But this does not work when I try to set it up. I suspect that I’m missing some subtlety of what Cubasis is supposed to do, but I don’t know what. Any help figuring this out would be appreciated.

I figured out what’s going on. MIDI Thru does not work on an iPad Pro 12.9".

I mentioned that in this post:

Sounds strange that it works on one device, but fails on the other.
What iOS versions do you run on both devices?


Running iOS 11.1.2 on both devices.

MIDI Thru not wroking for me either. IPad Pro iOS 11.2.1 with Yamaha MOXF8 and Cubasis 2. So disappointed, the whole purpose was to record MOXF sounds into Cubasis. Hope this gets fixed in future upadate.

I’m using Cubasis with a Yamaha Montage. My workaround for this is to set Local Control to “On.” That way, I can record the MIDI and still here what I’m playing.

But it’s not a great situation.

It looks like it’s one of two things :

  1. The Beatstep Pro and the SR16 are not a happy pairing.
  2. The SR16 midi input is on the blink. It’s not a young unit and it might well have an intermittent fault.
    I’d start by hooking the SR16 directly to the midi output of the DAW and just sending note ons/offs for some typical drum patterns - nothing else. If the SR16 drops notes when it’s being triggered from the DAW, then it’s likely that the midi input on the SR16 is faulty.
    If all is well, then it’s worth sending more midi data down the cable at the same time (on different channels) just to make sure that it’s not the data ‘clogging’ and overloading the SR16. I don’t know how much extra controller data is being sent by the BSP, but this might also be a cause of dropped notes. If that’s good, try sending some controller data down the drum channel as well.
    If you can get the SR16 to drop notes on lots of additional data, then you might need to look into filtering the data before it hits the SR16. I have a vague memory of filter units being built many moons ago, but we can burn that bridge when we get to it.

I just tried this with Cubasis 2.5, and it still doesn’t work on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It works fine in 2.5 on an iPad Mini 4.

It’s amazing to me that Steinberg went to the trouble of enabling native resolution on the iPad Pro, and yet they didn’t fix this iPad Pro-related bug. It doesn’t seem that this would have been so hard to fix. Very disappointing.

I just tested it with one of the new full-sized iPads that can be used with the Apple Pencil. MIDI Thru doesn’t work with that one either.

So it appears that it only works correctly on an iPad Mini 4. Weird.

Could it have something to do with being able to work with the Apple Pencil?