Midi track , no sound in the mix ...


I have midi and mono tracks in my .cpr project when I export the mix , the midi track is not there …

Anyone can help me I tried almost everything I could think of but no success .

I tried to play with the input / output thing but this option was the only one working … And I say working … not ont the mix file but playing thought my computer speaker and I press play in cubase .


I try to hear it throught my Tascam US-600 … when I play it I see the volume sensor bar go up and down but it dosent play in my hearphones

Why are you using Microsoft Synth? Don’t you have something like HALionOne or HALion Sonic SE included in your Cubase version?

You do have your headphones plugged into the Tascam and not the computer, right?

And the Tascam driver is selected? VST Connections set up properly?

My headphone are connected in the Tascam US-600 .
I can now hear the midi through my headphone .
I have Halion option when I make a VST intrument track .

I am not using a Midi Piano Keyboard or something , I am using the virtual keyboard to do the drum track (ALT+K)…

This is really confusing and I am stock for like 3 months in my project because of this , I cant get a good quality drum track …

Thanks for the help I really wants to fix this … and also could it be my computer soundcard issue ?

Pictures of my settings :

If I choose midi out it wont work .

Same thing and VSL-1 too .

What ever … Ill just save my midi track in .mid and then convert it in mp3 with Itunes ( :angry: beuuurrf !!) and then put it back in Cubase … lol this is so stupid …