Midi track not exported

Even consulting different articles and suggestion around the web I can’t find a solution. My recorded midi track is not esported in the wave file, track is not muted, I can hear it clicking play in cubase and if I add other audio track (not MIDI) in the project are perfectly audible in the exported file.
I also tried to change to other output routes but I can only hear the sound on the destination output instead than from the laptop speakers.

Cubase LE 11.0.10 build 321

Hi and welcome,

What MIDI Output do you use, what synth?

I would send some screenshots here, but it’s not allowed.
I tried to use “Alesis Turbo” output, from my electronic drum or also “Microsoft GS Wavetable synth” one, both without any result


Now, you should be able to upload a screenshot.


Deactivate the VST System Link, please.

I expect you send the MIDI data to an external hardware (Alesis Turbo). Then you have to either export in Realtime (but this option is not available in Cubase LE), or you have to record the audio signal from the hardware to Cubase as an Audio track first. Then you can Export Audio Mixdown, including the audio signal from the hardware synth.

Does it mean that I can’t simply convert the recorded MIDI track to a wav file?
I disabled VST System Link but nothing changed


MIDI and WAV are toto totally different worlds. The easiest was is to use Virtual Instruments. If you decide to use hardware synth, you have to record its audio the very same way as an audio of other instrument (guitar, trumpet) or voice. It’s just an external instrument.