MIDI Track Volume Control From External Keyboard

Hello all. As an aside, I am glad Cubasis now supports the iPad pro’s native screen resolution. Congratulations. Now for my issue:

When I attach my Yamaha CP4 stage piano to my iPad with Cubasis active, I use Cubasis for two functions. First, obviously, music production. Secondly, I use Cubasis as an auxiliary sound source by creating a MIDI track in a new project, assigning a specific Cubasis instrument I want to play to that track and set the MIDI in channel number for that track to the same MIDI out transmit channel number on the CP4. I then arm the Cubasis track (but do not record), play the CP4 and the Cubasis instrument also responds to and plays the same MIDI in notes.

However, I want to be able to control the volume of the Cubasis instrument by a volume control MIDI function assigned to a foot controller on the CP4. For example, I can assign a flute to the Cubasis track and a piano to the main CP4 layer. I always want the piano to be playing but only want the flute in on specific sections of a song. With the foot controller on the CP4 properly assigned, I should be able to control the volume of the flute on Cubasis by raising or lowering the foot controller pedal (sweeping in or out the flute as desired). But unfortunately this does not work as I can’t control the Cubasis track volume.

This procedure does work in Garageband iOS and many other music production apps on the iPad. But it does not work in Cubasis. In Cubasis the assigned instrument/track does not respond to the volume control MIDI in messages. Notes play, but I have no control over their volume.

Am I missing something or is this a function currently not available in Cubasis. It really is a problem because I would like to use Cubasis as a 2nd sound source but I cannot do this if the armed MIDI track cannot respond to the volume control MIDI input messages. Please let me know if Cubasis can not be used as I have explained or if there is a way to control the volume of an armed track via a MIDI in command. Again, the problem is not with the CP4 because this procedure works with other iPad music apps. Thank you in advance.

I am surprised no one has responded. I guess this is an issue either not relevant to anyone else or is an issue that is swept under the table.

See the following topic, MIDI control is one of the most requested features, including by myself.
I’m guessing Lars and co. are working on it in a branch, but given how many parts of Cubasis would have to be modified to implement it, it’s a bit of a bear, and I’m sure they want to do it right. Having said that, I would PAY for this feature (hint, hint, hire more dev’s)


Thank you 642carl. Glad to know it wasn’t me. This rally is an important feature. Even basic, cheap music apps have MIDI control for live playing. Hope they add it soon.