MIDI tracks get confused -- bug since at least Cubase 7

I started using Cubase when 7 came out, so that’s all I have experience with. This issue could have been around since before then, I just wouldn’t know it. Currently on 8.5.

I use many, many VEPro (VST3) instances. I love being able to pack so many tracks into VEPro in such an organized manner. But it seems that Cubase gets confused which port/channel it’s supposed to be playing.

Let’s say for the sake of simplicity that I have two VEPro instances: strings and winds. And let’s say I have 2 instances of Kontakt in each instance of VEPro: in strings, I have violins and cellos (ports 1 and 2, respectively), and in winds, I have flutes and bassoons (again, ports 1 and 2 respectively). Very often, if I’ve been playing on a violin track and I select a flute track, Cubase will get confused and play both the new flute track and the old violin track at the same time. I have go back and select the violin track, play a little bit, and then go back to the flute track. This I guess “resets” Cubase’s focus, and all is well. But in a template with hundreds of tracks, this hunting down takes forever, especially since it isn’t as simple as having just four tracks. I might have forty violin MIDI tracks alone, so finding it can really take me out of writing. Which, in fact, just happened, which is why I’m writing this. I’m sick of this bug.

I don’t believe this bug is VSL’s fault–I’ve used VEPro in DP and Logic without these issues. Whether the bug lies with VST3 or Cubase is irrelevant–both are Steinberg’s responsibility.

Also, I might record on a cello track (with the track clearly highlighted–it’s visually selected, and obviously I’m hearing cello), but when I hit “retrospective record” (a feature I love by the way–I can’t remember the last time I actually hit the record button for MIDI), the MIDI data will show up on the last track I was using (say, a bassoon track). Again, I have to scroll through my template, find the data, and copy it down. Wastes precious seconds and totally takes me out of the flow. This bug obviously has nothing to do with VEPro or VST3, so Cubase, you’re it.

Steinberg, please please please fix this. I love Cubase so much–it’s easily my favorite DAW of them all–but bugs like this just drive me nuts and totally kill the creative flow. Cubase is my instrument, but when an instrument doesn’t do what I tell it to do, I start to look elsewhere for a better instrument.

Anyone else experience this?

I see that this is getting view but no replies.

Am I explaining this well? Or has no one else experienced this?