MIDI tracks playing back completely out of time when using Thunderbolt

I am having this strange issue where MIDI tracks play completely out of time in Cubase 9.5. It only seems to happen when using the Thunderbolt driver and connection on my Zen Tour. I have never experienced this issue with the USB driver and connection.
When this issue is happening, the metronome will also not playback at all, even though it is enabled and active.

The only way to resolve this issue is a complete system reboot. Closing Cubase and reloading the project does not solve the issue. Delay with the TB driver and connection is being correctly reported.

If it only happens with the TB driver, and that interface, be sure to ask Antelope Audio about it. This will be very difficult to troubleshoot without the device.

in any case, the first thing to rule out when troubleshooting Cubase, whatever the issue, is corrupted prefs:
Hide them by renaming that directory to anything different than its current name, when you launch Cubase it will initialize anew:
%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64 (<-- paste into the Run dialog or an explorer folder file path field. )

Can you reproduce it in a project with only one Instrument track?
Do you have Constrain Delay Compensation turned on or off?
Does toggling ASIO-guard do anything?

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