Midi tracks record but don't play back


Just getting into this again after a gap of a few years… so please bear with me. I have connected my Roland JV 90 to my PC using standard midi in out. I’m using Cubase elements 8. I can record midi data including pedal signals etc but get no sound when playing tracks back.

Can someone come up with a few things to resolve this?



A few thought/questions…

  • Did you set up your keyboad as an external instrument? If not, you are recording only the midi data on that midi track.

  • If you want to record with your keyboard but want to use the vst instrument sounds available in CB then you need to set your keyboard to “local off” and record on an instrument track. Of course you would assign a VST instrument and sound to that track.

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Hi - and thanks for your reply.

I have my keyboard set as Local on. By ‘setting my keyboard as an external instrument’ do you mean changing a setting on my keyboard or doing something in Cubase. I have looked at adding an instrument and the JV90 isn’t listed. I did look for a file on the Roland website but didn’t find one. I used to use a previous version of Cubase with no problems along with this keyboard and expander.


Ralph A

External instruments are set up in Cubase but… I’m sorry but I’m not sure if they can be set up in CB Elements 8. Wondering what previous version of CB were you using when it did work?

Hopefully someone else will chime in here to assist.

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Hi again

It was Cubasis I think. You didn’t need to specify which keyboard - just select the channel number. However having tried various things I now think there must be something wrong with the actual MIDI in socket on my keyboard. Now looking for a local repair person…

Thanks for your help.


OK I now have a new Roland FA7 and am having the same problem with playback of tracks. I can get playback audio for VST sounds but not for synth sounds. The FA7 has an onboard sequencer but is not that great so am trying again with Cubase. Will have to resurrect my old XP PC with Cubasis and try that next…Any help greatly appreciated after trying every tweak I can think of.