Midi Transformer: block CC for certain time after note on

When playing EZdrummer with a Roland TD-17 I’m struggling with some artefacts on the HiHat. Some samples get cut off when moving the pedal, i.e. opening or closing the HiHat. The Roland sends CC 4 with the pedal movement and I found out that most of the problems come from CCs sent too near (in time) after a note. When those CCs are deleted the HiHat sounds nearly perfect.

My question: Is there a way to filter all CCs within a certain time after a certain note? Something like “Block all CCs within 20ms after note D0”. I fiddled around some time with the Transformer without success. Any hint or tip would be great.



You cannot use the time variable in the Input Transformer. You could use Last:
Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 | Equal | CC4 | And
Last Event | Equal | MIDI Status | 144/Note On | And
Last Event | Equal | Value 1 | D0 | And

By using this, you would filter out the very 1st CC4.

Then you could count the CC4 events:
Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 | Equal | CC4 | And
Last Event | Equal | MIDI Status | 176/Controller | And
Last Event | Equal | Value 1 | 4 | And
Last Event | Equal | Eventcounter | 5

…to filter out following 5 MIDI CC4 events, so in total you would filter out 5 MIDI CC4 events.

Hi Martin,
many thanks for that! Couldn’t get it to work up to now but I think that’s because of my lack of knowledge about the Midi Transformer :slight_smile: I will dive deeper into this today and give a short feedback afterwards.

Unfortunately I’m stuck.

Your first 4 lines select every CC4 after a note D0 until the next note on, not only the very first one (quintuple checked here and can’t find any mistake at my side). So I added

Last Event | Unequal | MIDI Status | 176/Controller

This works pretty well when using it within the logical editor but while playing the HiHat live it’s not as good as I was hoping. Well, so no EzDrummer for me…

Thanks again, this Transformer thing is obviously a very powerful tool!