MIDI transmission problem?

Just got Halion Sonic, currently running the 32-bit VST3 version in FL Studio 9.1 on a Vista x64 (FL is a 32-bit program, so the 64-bit version of HS wouldn’t load if I used it) OS. Running into a severe problem:

Any input from my MIDI keyboard is failing to trigger sounds. Seriously. The MIDI indicator in FL shows activity, the one in the top of HS shows activity, but no sound comes out when I hit keys. Only when I click on the virtual keyboard on the screen do I hear anything. This happens with no other plugins of mine, so it has to be something with this in particular.

BTW: is it no longer optional to pick between installing the VST3 plugin and the 2.4 version? I don’t recall a choice being offered during the installation, and this is my only vst3 plugin.

Edit: oddly, the standalone works just fine. It’s only the plugin I have this issue with.

I have this problem only when using the stand alone application. Has your issue been resolved?


An update to FL solved it. Glitch in between versions.

Since then I’ve also got a new computer, and updated to FL10 which can use 64-bit anyway.