Midi Transpose assign to hardware controller


I`d like to automate the midi-Transpose-Function:
I have an external Controller (Livid Code V2) and I would like to put the transpose on a knob.
Goal: I want to map 127 Bassdrums on the keyboard, play the track and select the best-fitting bassdrum on “scrollen” through the bassdrums.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

thanks in advance!


I would solve this by using Input Transformer. In fact, what you need is to send a MIDI Note On, when the MIDI CC Vauke comes. The MIDI Note Nr. = the MIDI CC Value.

So I would make a Transformer, something like (sorry, it’s not exact, I’m not infront the Cubase, now):
{ If > Message > Is > Controller > And
Value 1 (MIDI CC Number) > Equal > the CC number you will send And
Value 2 (MIDI CC Value) > Is in Range > 0 - 127 } (This line is not necessary, but it’s a cleaner “code” then.)
message > Note On
Value 1 (Pitch) > Equal > Value 2 (MIDI CC Value)


Now the MIDI CC Value should be transformed to the MIDI Notes Nr.

To make it more robust, and stable, you should send MIDI Notes Off (in ideal world the latest MIDI Note Nr.), before you send the MIDI Note On. This is not so simple, so as a workaround, I would try to send All Notes Off (if Transformer can send this). So this All Notes Off would be the 1st Module, and the 2nd Module would be the one described abow.

Do you need a screenshot?

Thank you! Well sounds complicated. Is there no easy way to define the very small transpose+ and transpose - Arrows on the left in “midi parameters” to be controlled via the f-buttons of my steinberg cc121 or cmc controllers?

thanks in advance

to be more precise: I want to use the “track transpose” for the whole track with e.g. a bassdrum.


You could move your mouse over the Transpose MIDI Modifier, and press Lock of AI on your CC121. Then you can move your mouse where you need to, and the AI Knob is locked to the Transpose. Is it better solution for you?