Midi transpose - cant find it!


Just started working on Cubase 9, I used to have Nuendo 4 so thats a big step up for me hehe. So far the experience has been great, but there is a feature in nuendo 4 however called the Midi transpose panel, it lets you easily transpose selected midi notes without actually touching them. I can’t find this feature anywhere in Cubase 9 so I was wondering if any of you have a tip or know how to do this. Dragging notes up and down isn’t always a solution.

Thanks :slight_smile:


There is a Transpose tab in the MIDI Editors. There is also transpose in the MIDI menu. My favourite way is to use KeyCommands arrows up/down (semitones) or Shift+arrows up/down (octaves).

oh my, never knew it was such a simple thing as the arrows, thanks a bunch!

Actually there used to be real time transpose in a previous version, which was useful for keyboard players like myself who can only play in C or Am. Is there still such a function? I do tend to transpose the VSTi, however it is annoying when you change a preset.

Yes of course. The MIDI Modifier.

This will however change the pitch values of the midi notes themselves.

Another way is to select a MIDI Part in the Project Window. Then on the Info Line you can enter a number (in half steps) to transpose the playback of the Part without changing its underlying MIDI Notes.

Ahhh! Does this mean you can playback in real time with the transposed midi?

Yes. As will changing it in the Inspector.

What about a Transpose track? (What is that really used for, anyway…?)

This is useful, when you are using audio (and could be also MIDI) loops you want to transpose according to the harmony. Lets say, you have an audio Guitar riff you are using in your project.