Midi triggered Tap Tempo

Does Cubase have the option to tap tempo via midi keyboard? I can’t seem to be able to set it up I see only a mouse or space bar.


Your can record shingle note MIDI track and then use the Tempo Detection feature. Or you can use the Tempo Detection straight from the Audio Event, if this is your use case.

What you are referring to in your response is a tedious process that can and should be simplified. What I am asking for is a feature where users can just instantly set tap tempo with their midi devices and write a song based on that.

Yes, it sure would be nice to do the “tap tempo” thing with a MIDI keyboard instead of the mouse or space bar. While @Martin.Jirsak’s workaround should work, it is indeed a bit cumbersome.

You should add a #feature-request tag to your post to get this into the development queue.