MIDI usb keyboard delay

Hi all,
I am trying to set up my USB midi keyboard (Hua Xing) to work with cubase 9.5 on my PC laptop. It records MIDI and produces sound however there is a delay of about 1 second between pressing a key and producing/recording sound. Things I have tried; I have up to date driver for my soundcard (focusrite 2i2), I have installed a recommended driver (Asio4all), have experimented with the tickboxes in studio setup - system timestamp for windows MIDI, and DirectMusic, I have reduced the buffer - but then unable to hear sound. I’m now at a loose end and don’t know what else to try. The only output routing available in the track settings is the microsoft GS wavetable synth. Any advice welcome.

Having similar problem in Cubase 8.5, but only with certain projects…using USB MIDI and get a noticeable delay from note pressed on keyboard and sound output from Cubase…have no idea about how to solve it, have tried mostly what you mentioned.

Solved MIDI delay: had too many plugins on stereo output buss…disabling didn’t help…had to remove the effect…solved delay issue.

had similar issue with MIDI delay…solved by removing (not just disabling) effects on stereo output buss…