Midi USB Roland Mc303

hi, could someone advise me please?

i have connected a Roland Mc303 using midi to USB, in my device set up it is showing both midi usb2 in and out, but when i create a midi track and play the Mc303 i have no sound , or if i press a key no midi message seems to be going into cubase, are there more settings i should activate in CB? i’m at a loss…
thank you

I used to have an MC303, connected to a Win3.1 PC with a Roland RAP-10 audio/ midi card, but I never got it to work, even not as a sound canvas only… only a direct midi link between the MC303 and a desktop sampler worked for me, using the 303 as sequencer in stead of Cubase, but that was about 20 years ago or so, so maybe someone else has it working with more current tech?

Good luck!

i’m only trying to get the sounds out of the mc by playing it??
thanks for the reply tho

i can play the mc303 using my controller, but thats not what i want, i am trying to play the mc303 directly into cubase, any advise please?
thank you

audio has nothing to do with midi. audio out of the synth to audio in on your asio compliant soundcard/device is required

so i cannot play the mc303 directly out of midi into cubase to record?

Play what ?
Midi is just a series of data that tells the device what key was pressed how hard and how long, no sound is transmitted.
You still need to connect the 303 audio outputs to your sound card, if you want to hear it/record it in Cubase.
Need more info, to guess.

Hi, i understand the midi part, but can anyone explain what this is then? i thought i could record the sound being played on the instrument into the DAW ???

Thank you


HI mc303… unfortunately that is a ‘USB to MIDI’ converter and nothing else… as peakae and DLearyUS have both stated you also need to record the ‘AUDIO OUTPUTS’ of your 303 too… midi has nothing whatsoever to do with audio.
midi is just a way of recording various actions such as ‘note on, note off, note velocity, note number, pitch bend data etc’ so when you ‘record’ with midi the midi just plays back your performance on the midi device of your choice… in this case your 303…

This is a VERY common misconception to those new to digital recording and crops up quite frequently here…

This explains it in greater detail and better than me … https://support.turtlebeach.com/entry/587118193/

It might be worth googling ‘what is the difference between midi and audio’ too and spending a little time to take it on board fully…


but all the vids ive watched and articles i have read, show this convertor allowing the user to plug and play their instrument straight into their daw via usb and capture the recording ??

Then they must be using some kind of AUDIO INTERFACE in conjunction with it…

The answers you’ve had are from pretty experienced users my friend… they are 100% correct too…
That device is purely for MIDI… it has no audio connections on it whatsoever, i just looked again to confirm.

this is what i have, this is what ive done, (except im using pc) and this is how it should work, but not in cubase??



Ok in both cases the audio you are hearing is via the cameras they were shot on… in the first video the musical sound appears to be coming from what i believe is Kontact? which is a virtual instrument (look at his screen) which can be played from his midi keyboard but the sound is generated on his computer… in the 2nd video it looks like he has recorded his MIDI performance and is PLAYING IT BACK using his external keyboard as a sound source… there is NO AUDIO WHATSOEVER being transmitted or received over the midi interface… that’s why it’s called a midi interface.

I myself use one of these… http://www.motu.com/products/midi/128 because i have more than one midi in and out device… i.e. i have two keyboards, one of which is just a controller and 4 synths so i need more than one midi i/o… and i can assure you that it does not handle audio in any way whatsoever.

If you haven’t read the link i posted earlier then you really should do as you are unfortunately clearly not grasping the concept of midi/audio and that is meant with respect… again this is a VERY common occurrence on these boards.

You can either accept what is being said to you because it is 100% correct or you can keep trying to validate your preconception which is 100% wrong i’m afraid.

Your choice mate…

thx Mat, i thought it was audio to usb and it could play back the built in patterns and sounds from the synths
thank you so much for finding the time to reply and help me out :slight_smile:
Cheers Mat

NO worries… we all get the wrong end of the stick from time to time… anyone who says they don’t is just lying… i worked in mental health for many years so i have a fair bit of insight into this lol…

I would suggest you connect the audio outputs of your 303 to the audio inputs of your steinberg cI1 if you want to record/monitor the audio which is being triggered via midi, you will need to use the lowest buffer setting your system can handle if you want to play/monitor in real time via cubase… your interface MAY have a ‘zero latency’ option but i am not familiar with your particular interface i’m afraid… that’s a case of rtm :wink:

no probs with the audio into the ci1 everything works fine :slight_smile:
thx Mat


glad to have helped :smiley: