Midi Velocity to faders-Global Velocity Normalize " function

RUNNING: Win 7,i7, Cubase 6, Kontakt 4-- Ens Pro 5, CME UF 8, RME 400, 24 GB.
Is there any way to within Cubase to assign “Velocity” so as to play in increases & decreases of Velocity levels using a fader( Exam: Vel 75 up to 118 back to 95) the same way as we program faders to run cc7, cc11, slot X fades etc. ?
I work in Orchestral scoring, not mocks. Here’s an example of my problem:
A good Flute library, built with 5 recorded velocity levels in the samples, ranging from a recorded mellow P (open throat-soft tonque), up to a FFF, which to record requires of a real player a narrower throat (strident sound), with often so much tonque as to have an air (phwit" at the head of the notes. The respective throat shapes and tonque-air combos radically alter the tambors of the real Flute player between P to FFF.
For me , a P to FFF cresendo using cc7-cc11 thats bullt from off of an initially recorded Velocity level of 75 results in just a soft note being played back loud, instead of a utilizing the full capability of the library to create a truly ( tambor wise) “loud” note. It’s a waste of the levels and realisms recorded into the library.
Time just doesn’t allow for going back and hand drawing velocities for every orchestral instrument in a 40 minute concerto.
I have talked to a friend working with Logic, wherin this is possible.
Is there any way to accomplish this in Cubase?

How, in Cubase, do we Globally “NORMALIZE” Velocity levls within a project. I used to use Sonar, and in Sonar there is a Global project one click setup that simultaneously renders all Velocity levels to, say 85, for every chosen track in that project?
I’m striking out in the Cubase manual and Help -pdf sources. I probably don’t have the correct Cubase terminology.
Can anyone steer me right in this?

Thanks again—

There are several ways Cubase can achive that.

Logical editor, midi dropdown menu, info line, etc.

Try MIDI > Functions > Velocity; set Velocity to X.

Spoil sport !

This was for the P.S.

But if you want to do so in realtime, via a fader…
Use a slot in Quick Controls, set to “MIDI Modifiers>Velocity Shift”.

Thanks guys!

Normalize velocity? Well you could do one thing:
Select all Midi Notes, if you’re on a mac, press shift + cmd,
click one of the selected notes and pull it up…
Way more easy and fast than the length of the description.
Try it. You’ll never want to click around in the controller lane again. :wink:
This comes closest to normalization.

You could also use a Midi Compressor in the Midi Inserts.