Midi volume automation not working in loop

Hi folks,
I’m not here often, so forgive me if this question has been asked before. I am on Cubase 5.5.2. I have a song that was created in Cubase SX, but I have been working on it in 5.5. I have saved it, etc. I am running some midi tracks into reason, and also using Halion. I have volume automation on the tracks. The tracks are set to read mode. When playing, everything works as it should.

The problem is if I set a section to loop, then when it goes back to the beginning of the loop, all tracks go to silence. It’s like it is reading the automation as being at “0”. Ever the Reason volume knobs drop all the way to 0 when the loop starts back. If I click in the automation curve-like to draw a curve, then all the sudden that curve becomes active and works again…

This is a pain in the ass because I use looping to help build and create midi parts. At this point, I need to disable the read for the tracks to work then re-enable it when not looping.

Look to the Chase Filters in Prefs.

Thanks for the reply. I have everything checked except the sysex box. I am still having this problem…Actually, it seemed to disappear for a while today, but now the problem is back. As soon as the loop starts, all volume automation automatically goes to 0…