MIDI Volume Faders


I’m new to Cubase, a recent Cakewalk refugee. I have imported a short orchestral score from a MIDI file and have been working with it. The project has about 32 tracks of MIDI instruments via EastWest sounds, and one live flute (so far). Things have been going well, basically. But whenever I load this project and begin playback, the volume levels do not match the fader levels. I must manually touch all the faders to reset them to where they’re supposed to be. This makes me really uncomfortable, since I don’t feel confident that my mix is getting saved properly. I simply don’t understand how Cubase operates in this regard, or if there’s some way to improve the way it handles MIDI volume control.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,
~ Heather

I’m not a midi expert, in fact not an expert at anything, but I wonder if its the imported midi file that is causing the issue, with the volume levels set into the header of each instrument. If you open the midi monitor on a track you might see what is going on.
If it is the case that the levels are being reset at the start, then it can be possible to erase (or chop off if there is room to do this) mid info. Get your levels right and then save the file with a different name. Next time the file is opened the midi header info isn’t imported.
I know this worked when I had trouble with imported midi files re-setting to unwanted instruments after I had re-scored them. Just a thought.

Thanks for the thought. I checked but could find no extraneous MIDI info. I’ve reset the levels and saved the project under new names to no avail. When I load it and hit play, the levels all seem elevated, even though the faders appear to be in the right places. All it takes is a tap and they instantly return to where they’re supposed to be. It’s odd and annoying. Ugh!

Open up the Project Browser Window; within you will see your project in a list view.

For example: if you have a track named 11 Violins, expand the Track Tree View on the left and all the Midi Data will be shown on the right side. From here you can delete any Controller Information and or any other non essential Midi Data that may be interfering with your project.