Midi Volume stuck at 66?

I tend to find Cubase send out MIDI volume information to my master keyboard which I cannot delete. It often sets the volume to 0. The latest problem I am having is that the Volume reads “66” and cannot be changed. I pull it up or down an it jumps back to 66. Underneatch there is a dropdown that is set to “Replace continues” changing that to anything else dpesn’#t change anything. How do I get back to not Cubase constantly setting the volume to something I do not want?

If I make thee MIDI fader visble and even disable read automation it still always jumps back to 66? :frowning:

the only workaround I found for so far was a button “Mute automation” in the Volume automation track - I cannot delete or change the 66 value, remove selected track also doesn’t help. I am missing the old “edit list view” / “freeze play parameters” of Cubase VST where at least all “hidden” events could be seen.