MIDI Warping (speed up effect)

I would like to manipulate midi so that I can stretch and compress it - a little bit like in Izotope’s Breaktweaker.
For example I’d like to stretch a sequence of notes so that each note is a little closer to the next one; so that you get a “ramp” or “speed up” effect. Or a slow down effect, for that matter.
I don’t think you can do that natively from within Cubase. But are there third-party midi plug-ins? Haven’t seen those either.

If you have any information about that I’d be grateful!

Thanks a lot!


Of course, you can manipulate the project’s tempo in the Tempo Editor.

You can also switch the Object Selection Tool to the Time Stretch Tool.

Hi, thanks for that!

But that wasn’t what I was looking for. I am looking for something like a !..…!...!..!..!.!.!!
Pattern (! means a note)


What about to change the tempo of the project?

Just draw a ramp curve in the Tempo Editor:

EDIT: Oh, you mean for just 1 track? Then you can’t use the Tempo Editor, as it affects the entire project.