Midi with iMini and DM1

Has anyone had any luck with this? I can’t get either to respond to Cubasis.


Was just dealing with this a second ago. For the iMini, it seems you can only choose “Virtual MIDI” as the output port – if you choose the actual “iMini” entry in the MIDI outputs, no joy. “Virtual MIDI” causes it to sound properly.

Not sure about the DM1!

Hi nytjadens,

I’d echo mate-redundant’s comments but with respect to DM1. I had the same issue and the same solution - selecting ‘virtual MIDI’ seemed to get things working - both for MIDI in from DM1 to Cubasis and when sending MIDI out to DM1 from Cubasis.

Also, you need to make sure that MIDI notes to/from Cubasis are active within DM1’s MIDI settings…

Hope this helps? Good luck…


Should mention that the main limitation I’ve discovered with using the “virtual MIDI” option is that it seems to broadcast to all open instruments. Ideally we could target each instrument specifically, allowing us to sequence more than one external instrument at a time…not sure if it’s iMini / DM1 that’s the culprit here or what…!

Got it, thanks!