Midi works but suddenly Vst instruments don't trigger sounds from keyboard

Suddenly I have this problem: Midi works well between keyboard and Cubase 11 (it can record without problems) but now vst instruments can’t receive anything (notes or cc). If I record anything, however, these VST play when I recorded without hearing anything. It’s almost like there is a barrier between Cubase and the VSTs. what could it be?

Perhaps there is a mismatch between the MIDI Channel the VSTi uses and the Channel of the MIDI Notes it is receiving.

Do you have midi thru enabled in preferences?

nop, I’m tryin’

I had probably the same situation. I saw MIDI data recieved via the MIDI activity monitor but no VST played back. Only fix was to close Cubase and reopen. I recently noticed that Cubase does no longer like a change in the sample rate from my audio interfrace control panel (RME Fireface UC). I can change it but then Cubase goes completely mute. Have to close/reopen Cubase to get it back working. This was not the case with the initial Cubase 11 version, afair…

I found the solution, drastic, by deleting settings directory