MIDI Zoom to fit vertically

Is there a key command, or can I set up a key command that when I press it, it zooms to fit all my shown midi notes VERTICALLY in the editor?

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Hi Redskyroad.

You mean like cmd+g or if you hover over the keyboard on the left and your mouse turns into these four arrows (which allows vertical zoom)?
If not maybe you could use the pitch visibility option (activate it in the toolbar)…
Did that help?

I mean, pressing a key command and it changes the vertical zoom to fit all the midi notes into the display editor


Do you mean Zoom Full or Zoom to Selection, or Zoom to Event?

If I double click a midi event to open it in the midi editor, sometimes all the notes don’t fit vertically. I don’t like using the drag function on the midi keyboard on the left. I just want to press a button and it needs to adjust the zoom so that all the notes show.

Here’s what I use for this


THANX!! This does exactly what I want. Much appreciated, Steve.

great! I´ve added the following:

so if you select an event in project windows it focuses the lower zone and performs your magic.

thanks steve



Be aware, this is working only, of the Lower Zone is hidden before.

my modification is for visible lower zone.