MidiGate not working as expected Cubase 11 Mac

Hello - I’d really appreciate a prod in the right direction here - maybe I’m missing something fundamental.

I can’t get the Cubase plugin Midigate to work properly. I’ve used it in the past, although not for several years, so maybe people use something else to achieve this these days?

This is what I’m doing:
I have an audio track and I have added MidiGate as an insert. This silences the audio on that track as expected.

I then create a Midi track below that, and I choose the MidiGate insert that I inserted into my audio track in the output routing.

I use the key editor to create some events to open and close the gate.

I play the track, and I can see the light flashing on the Event Received Indicator in MidiGate, and I can also see the level meter for the Midi channel reacting to all of my notes. So far so good.

The problem is, sometimes the gate opens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it closes and sometimes it doesn’t. This obviously means the audio isn’t doing what I want it to. Sometimes it opens and closes perfectly, then sometimes it’ll miss an opening or closing trigger. I’ve tried various different notes and velocities (I don’t think this should make much difference for what I want to achieve, but at the time of writing this the note is C0 and the velocity is 100)

Should this work?

Cubase Pro 11.0.41
Macbook Pro Big Sur 11.7.2
16 GB 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

That sounds like it should work. Can you post a screenshot so we can see the settings on the MIDI Gate.

Also is there any pattern to which Notes trigger the Gate & which don’t? Are your trigger Notes a monophonic sequence where each Note Ends before the next begins?

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Hi @Raino, thanks for replying.

After I spent far too long messing about with this yesterday, I needed to get on with working on this track so I ended up adding a keyboard part, and the standard Steinberg gate plugin (switching sidechain on) and adding that keyboard output as the sidechain trigger. So more work than it should have been, but at least I was able to get past the problem.

To answer your questions, the MidiGate was set to the default settings (all the knobs on zero apart from Velocity to VCA which is 127, and Hold Mode set to Note Off) none of the notes overlapped each other and they were the same velocity and the same note.

This morning I’ve tried to recreate the original scenario using MidiGate and it just works fine. I can’t see what I could have done wrong the first time. I had tried a couple of restarts yesterday (which made no difference) and I couldn’t really find anyone talking about this since about 2007(!) so I was starting to think I was on my own trying to do this!

Once I decided to go the sidechain route I deleted my previous attempts, so when I tried to get the screen grabs for you I needed to create new audio and MIDI tracks. Maybe deleting and recreating the MIDI and audio channels was the secret to fixing it; maybe it was user error in the first place!

Thanks again for trying to help!

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Well at least you’ve got it sorted out.