Midiloop preview External Instrument now working


In Media bay, when I try to preview midiloops, It does not show anything in the Previewer. The “Preview start” button does not produce any sound.

I have setup my external synth (using F4) and routed the proper inputs on my audio interface. I neither hear any sound from my external MIDI synth and nor the speakers!

What am I missing here please?


The MIDILoops are using HALion Sonic SE for the Preview. And the Preview is routed to the Monitor 1 bus, if Control Room is enabled. Make sure Monitor 1 is routed to any Audio Devices’ output, please.

Hi Martin. It all of a sudden started to work!
I guess since I created the Patch using my External Synth, based on midi loops: “MIDI loops to save a MIDI part together with its instrument and effect settings”. It plays via my external synth which is great! Thanks for the reminder with Control room. I did recall that.