MIdiQuest routing question in Cubase 7

Hi there,
I am trying to get some old plugins and hardware synths going with Cubase 7. Ive been building a library database inside MidiQuest 10 XL and this is fine for the hardware synths which are old Ensoniq keyboards.

However I am fond of the SQ8L plugin as well and have found I can store its patches inside MidiQuest within an Ensoniq SQ80 library inside MidiQuest. Great - but I would like to still audition these patches using cubase as the host from MidiQuest if possible.

This would seem to me to involve some kind of midi routing in cubase to feed the output signal from MidiQuest into the input for the SQL VSTi. And this might also be very useful for sending sysex data directly from Midi Quest into the SQ8L VSTi in order to upload patch banks etc directly from MidiQuest.

The solution to this is probably simple but it eludes me. I am using the MidiQuest as a VST pluginn itself and I also have Novation Impulse as a controller keyboard.

So any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks SimonUK