Midisignal does'nt reach Halion

I have Cubase Artist 8 connected to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.
I have a Nord Stage Revision C attached to the focusrite.
The transportbar give a incoming Midi signal but nothing appears in my Halion Instrumenttrack or Miditrack.
I can play the virtual keyboard and get sound. No recording possible.
Just playing the sounds at my Nord Stage is not possible.
I have put the Focusrite as input and the Vst as output on All Midi.
I tried another Midikeybord with the same result.
What do I do wrong? Please, let me know?


Double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. By default only the SysEx data are filtered out.

Also double-check the Studio Setup, of the device is part of the All MIDI Ins and also it’s not in use as any Remote Device, please.

Thanks for the reply. I did all this.
The Focusrite is my interface, so it is in the MIDI of Device setup and I have not a remote device.
The midisignal comes in, I can see by the lighted bar in Cubase and at the Focusrite Led.
Also the virtual keyboard of Halion works. The track reacts if I play it.
I should be able to play the sounds of Halion at my external Nord stage or other keyboard.
Monitor off or on makes no difference…


Could you attach screenshots of the windows I mentioned, please?

I tried at another computer and it worked, so I have to uninstall and install it all over, I think.
Thanks for helping out.


Why do you use another MySteinberg account, please?

You can also try to Disable or Delete Cubase preferences from the Safe Star Dialog.