Midisport 4x4, DX-7, TR-707, and Arpache?

Forgive me as I’m an extreme newb but I’m interested in getting my DX-7 and 707 to slave from Cubase’s timecode and maybe even have Arpache do it’s thing with the DX-7 if possible.

I have both the DX-7 and 707’s midi in/and out running into the 4x4 and vice versa. So far Cubase has recorded the midi input from the DX-7 (which I can’t figure out how to monitor) and sent some sort of signal to the 707 (not sure if it’s timecode or not) as it starts when I begin recording but isn’t recording any of the drum beat. I’ve looked through the manual pretty thoroughly but can’t seem to find the magic ticket on this in there anywhere. Was wondering if anybody had any insight or a place to point me int the right direction to figure it out. The equipment is old but I figured can’t hurt to ask.

Also, is it possible to have Arpache arpeggiate my patches from the DX-7 on the same grid as the 707? Hate being this ignorant about all this but the manuel is is cryptic for someone still just learning nomenclature.

What you need is MIDI clock not MIDI timecode.

Also what Cubase version? as you should really post in the relevant sub forum!

Midi Clock…ok, noted. Thank You.
Which sub forum would you suggest?

Depending on your Cubase version:

  • Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6 | Cubase Elements 6
  • Cubase 5 and 4
  • Cubase LE 4, 5 & 6 | AI 4, 5 & 6
  • Legacy Steinberg Cubase (all previous versions … Cubase SX/SL3/2/1, CubaseVST, Cubase Audio TDM, Cubase for Atari …)

In your case it must be #1 or #3.