Migrate Metadata files

I just upgraded my MacBook Pro and I’m tryin desperately to find the many Metadata Custom files I created on the old(original) MacBook. Does anyone know where these flies are kept for Wavlab 11?

Thanks in advance

On Mac settings are stored in
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/

Thank you for your expedient reply. The “Preferences” folder was hidden, so once I found it, saw the WaveLab Pro 11 folder, inside that folder I found three Folders, "Cache, Preferences, and Presets and also one file called "Startup.ini, however Metadata files are still nowhere to be found after searching those three folders.

Look in Presets\AudioFileFormat\wav\FileAttributes\

You are absolutely CORRECT!! I found them!! Thank you so very much.

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PG1 how did you figure out this information, did you get it from the manual? If so where in the maual, or are you a Steiberg engineer perhaps?

PG is the creator and main developer of WaveLab.

With most preset menus, if you press the “Organize Presets” option shown here, it will expose where on your computer that WaveLab expects to see the preset file for that given operation.

You can use that info to determine where in the WaveLab Preferences folder to look for, or replace a given preset or preference file.