Migrate preferences from 8 Elements (trial) to full 8 Pro

I’m trying out Cubase Elements 8.
The trial is ending soon, and then I’m buying the full Pro version.

Can I keep or transfer the preferences etc. I make now in Elements?
So I don’t have to start over.


Cunase Elements and Cubase Pro don’t share the same Preferences folder. And Pro version doesn’t migrate Preferences from this derivative. If you want to use the same Preferences, rename the Preferences folder from the Cunase Elements 8 to the Cubase 8.

All Preferences, which are not part of Cubase Elements, but they are in Cubase Pro, will be set to the default values. Btw: Cubase Pro 8.5 contains the new Profile Manager, which you can use to store (and transfer) your Preferences settings.

I think I’ll just start a-fresh on Pro