Migrate Win XP Cubase LE4 to new Windows 8 PC

Are there any compatibility issues migrating from my old Win XP desktop PC to a new Win 8.1 Laptop?
Are there any restrictions regarding licensing, or other issues with migrating my music files over to my new PC?

I have the necessary activation code and original disks.

Is there an inexpensive update available for this product?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!! :smiley:

I have LE1 and I migrated from XP to W8.1 recently, it works but I now have latency problems. Nothing insurmountable, it just means you have to move the take you’ve just done a little so it’s in the right place.
Another problem I’m having with 8.1 is crackling noises when I use imported limiter and compressor plug-ins, I haven’t yet worked out if that’s because the plug-ins themselves are incompatible with 8.1, it might well be that since the one I used (Volcano limiter) with XP didn’t give me the same issues.
Good luck!