Migrating from Cubase 5 to 9 (best way to move projects?)

Hey all,

Just made the jump from Cubase 5 to 9. (super excited and happy to finally be here!)
Need to migrate my projects, as best as possible.
I’m not naive enough to think that with 3 clicks all my projects will happily land in C9, but I am looking for help as to what is the best/efficient way to move things?
C5 was on my laptop, and I don’t mind taking the time in opening up my current projects there to replicate my plugin settings etc…what I’m having trouble with is importing the midi and audio files.
The midi exported tracks from C5 (.xml) don’t even show up when I try to import them in C9
The audio files do, but with no automation, and not in the correct positions throughout the track. No marker settings, just one long snake in the event lane.
Any help, even a push in the right direction is greatly appreciated!!
There are close to 30 current projects that I NEED to keep and continue with.

Just a thought: might it be best I mixdown all my files to wav, thereby keeping all inserts/automation and continue mixing in C9?

(the reason I finally saved up the cash for a new dektop and C9 was because the laptop could not handle the amount of routing/sends/buses I needed to complete my mixes)

The basic thing to do is to copy over the complete project folder to your new computer, then simply open the .cpr-files in Cubase 9.

Possibly there are plugins and VSTis missing - you’ll get a message. In case you don’t have them installed, don’t want to install them, they are blacklisted and can’t be reactivated, are incompatible on your current OS or 32 bit etc it is maybe a good idea to export some stuff in Cubase 5. But first just try what happens if you just open the projects in 9.

Like marQs says.

I’d open the C5 Project and immediately save it as a new Project with a different name using C9. That way you’ll still have the old C5 versions if needed. Also you can install C5 on your new computer and fire it up to access an old plug-in etc. Also if you export the audio in your old projects as stems (again you can do this on the new computer using C5) you can use them in C9 with all the C5 processing pre-applied - this may or may not fit your workflow.

Yes! It worked! (minus some old vsts)
Avoided a huge headache, and got to hit the ground running with C9
Greatly appreciate the advice.
Many thanks!!! :slight_smile: