Migrating from Pro 9 to Pro 9.5, Key Commands?

So, the migration to 9.5 seems to have been “fine.”

A few things were missing – MIDI Presets, Recent Projects, Templates, Generic Remote(s) and Key Commands were not migrated from 9.0.40 to 9.5.30.

I was able to manually locate and port over my Templates and the MIDI Insert Presets, LE Presets and the Generic Remotes.

However, I can’t find the Key Commands. :cry: .

I saved my Pro 9.0.40 Presets to a Named Preset inside of 9.0.40, but where does Cubase save that file? I’m assuming there’s some XML file for it, but where is it?

Thanks. (I hope I don’t have to rebuild the KCs.)

Open 9.0 and save your key commands to a preset.

The file will be in
%AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets\KeyCommands

Thanks, Steve. I’d worked out that I needed Save the Preset, but could not find the file. All good now. :slight_smile:

Seems I spoke too soon. When I read your post I thought I was all set. I re-checked the documentation and saved the Preset file.


On attempting to import the file (per Documentation instructions) into Cubase Pro 9.5.03 there was an error message saying the file was not a *.key or *.mac file?

The exported file from the previous version was saved as an .XML file and I see no way to create the needed *.key or *.mac (macros) file.

On my system, under AppData, I have “Local” and “Roaming” directories. The Key Commands Preset I created was found saved in:
%AppData%/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 9_64/Presets/KeyCommands

The file is in XML format.

Can’t find any documentation for the error message.

The idea is that they appear in the preset menu in the Key Commands dialog.

Ok, I’ll check further. Thanks. :slight_smile:

OK, it worked and I have my Key Commands back. Thanks for helping.

Excellent. :smiley: