Migrating Insert Settings

I am using Cubase 10. I have some old projects that used older VSTs that I no longer have on my current Windows 10 PC. e.g. I have FabFilter Saturn 2 now but my project contains links to FabFilter Saturn 1 which I no longer have.

How can I migrate the inserts to use the newer FabFilter Saturn 2? I don’t know if this is specific to Cubase or FabFilter, sorry.

Likewise, I used to use GuitarRig5 and now I use GuitarRig6… How do I change it to use GR6 and keep my GR5 settings for the inserts?

I was going to try running my old Cubase install on a Win7 machine and inspect the FabFilter Saturn 1 settings, but Cubase refuses to run with this annoying error:

I have tried all of the Aero suggestions, driver reinstallation and the likes and I cannot get Cubase to run on the Win7 box (it is a different machine to my original Win7 PC so the gfx drivers are of course different).

That is not something you can solve with Cubase. Those are different plugin versions, and they are not session compatible. Your only chance ist to install the old versions and then migrate the settings manually with the plugins own preset management (see the plugins documentation for how to do that).

Thanks for that. I figured as much. I’ve been lucky with support from FabFilter - my v2 license allows me to use v1… But GuitarRig 5… Hmmm… No response from Native Instruments on that one and I simply cannot get Cubase to run on the Win 7 machine.

The Win 7 machine is a tiny HP EliteDesk machine so there’s no chance of popping a different GFX card in the machine to get around the Aero problem.

I wish I could somehow hack the Cubase presets that I saved so I can load my lead guitar settings into GR6 instead GR5… Or… even hack the Windows Registry entries for GR5 to point to the GR6 .dll for example. There must some way…

Believe me, I’ve been there… trying to reverse engineer the file format from what little information is available, replacing the plugins IDs, to to result. It must be possible, of course, but you have to know what to change where, and even then it is no guaranteed that a newer version (maybe even VST3) can load an old session state (from VST2), worst case you’ll have a crash.
But why don’t you just install GR5 on your Win10 computer? Save your patch as a user preset and then you can import that with GR6 (didn’t really work via the “File->import” menu, but only with “preferences->library->import Gr5 presets”)

I would install Guitar Rig 5 but I no longer have a copy of the Setup.exe. There are places I can download it from e.g. Softpedia but they could be dodgy copies for all I know. Native Instruments no longer have a download for Guitar Rig 5, only 6.

I’m still waiting to hear back from NI support after 5 days…

I don’t have a setup.exe either, but I can install (and have done so) GR5 via Native Access, no problem.

It doesn’t show up for me in Native Access… unless there’s some way of showing legacy products… or perhaps I’d need an older version of Native Access. NI should be answering my question… although I have seen other posts from people wanting to go back to GR5 because they don’t like GR6. Maybe I just need to start nagging NI Support.

Maybe it depends on how you aquired the product. For me it was always part of NI Komplete, and I had licences for those older versions. Dunno… Hope you’ll get it sorted out. GR6 isn’t that bad imho, and to me it sounds way better than GR5, although I very rarely use them anyway.

I have managed to load Cubase + GR5 on my boy’s PC! Now the challenge is to find out where GR5 stores the presets which I have saved.

If I can copy my GR5 presets over to my current PC, I should be load them into GR6. NI tell me that GR6 is backward compatible with GR5 presets… So it should just be a matter of going through all of my projects, finding out which GR5 presets I am using on each track and then changing the current proeject from GR5 to GR6 and loading in the exported presets.

Hmm… so where to find these GR5 presets…

In you documents folder. This and how to import them from GR5 is documented in the GR documentation.