Migrating plugin chains from 10 to 11

I’m going to finally install my upgrade to v11 pro when I get a break. Can anybody confirm if it’s possible to migrate plugin chains saved in 10 to 11. In on Windows 10 for reference. Not a huge deal if I can’t buy it would be nice to keep them.


No problem to load your WaveLab 10 plugin chain in WaveLab 11.

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When you first launch WaveLab 11 you can choose to migrate your entire WaveLab 10 preferences folder, which would include your saved plugin chain presets.

You can also do it later too.

The start of this video shows some of the basics for doing it manually:

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Thanks Justin, I should have found this earlier.

No problem. The WL 10 and 11 Preferences are totally separate and have no influence on each other. You can keep using 10 while slowly transitioning to 11.

That said, some people had some struggles with the new license system which I can’t really offer any real help with.