Migrating settings and key commands

Hi there,

According to the manual: “When you are updating from Cubase 6 or higher, the customized settings of your previous installation are used for the new Cubase version.” Unfortunately my Cubase 7.5 settings were not migrated to Cubase 8.

Can I just copy the C7.5 xml files to the C8 settings directory? Are there things that shouldn’t be copied?



Same question here. Updated from Cubase 7.5 and all preferances/key commands became default

Same here, as well.

Settings that concern me most (and did not migrate) - CMC controller assignments - VST plug-in locations - logical presets


I installed and everything was “defaulted”.

Cheers, Ernst

You can copy the various XML settings from Apps/Data/Roaming.

This is something we’ve just learned to love about upgrades. NOT.

Weird, my installation transferred everything perfectly. Maybe it´s an OS X thing.

If your on Windows , just go to the start menu ,click on your previous installed version (6 - 7 ) and you will see your user preference folder ,just open that folder and copy and paste everything across to the same destination in C8 . it worked for me without a hitch :slight_smile:

same thing on windows 7.
I ran both 7.5 and 8.0 on two separate monitors and manually changed the settings until they matched. Remembering my custom keyboard shortcuts was annoying and I’m sure I don’t remember them all. Ahhh, growing pains :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record, I copied the whole C7.5 settings directory to the C8 directory. Nothing seems to have broken. :slight_smile:


My settings didn’t automatically migrate over from 7.5 initially but I tried installing Cubase again with the “Install for anyone who uses this computer(all users)” box checked and this migrated everything over perfectly. This option is on the bottom of the page in the install process that lists all the packages to install and their locations.

Thanks Tracker - that did it for me!