Migrating settings from 8 to 8.5

I just bought the upgrade to 8.5.

I understand it install itself to a completely new folder?

how do I go on and migrate all my presets, screen preferences, mixer settings, track preferences, plugin manager custom lists, everything?

I had to copy them manually :astonished:
They used to be automatically copied if you had an older version of Cubase on your system.
I’ve been there before so I could don some educated guesses about what to copy.
Maybe they shold publish a list of files to copy?

Yes, it does install to a new folder. You can still use 8.x.

Seems all of the settings from 8.xx are in C:\Users(user name here)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8xxx and each version has it’s own folder, including the new 8.5 install.

However, I’m only interested in porting over my Templates (which I found), Key Commands (also found) - but the big one is my whole Control Room/External Controller/Interface setup.

Some files are obvious (Plugin Manager is in there), but a list of files that can be safely transferred to 8.5 and what they do would, indeed, be VERY nice.


This is what I’m annoyed with currently. I spent SO MUCH TIME configuring Cubase 8 to my liking and my workflow, and now I have to start from scratch? How do I migrate the settings, Steinberg?


Damn, they’re fast! :blush: :laughing:

Thank you, mbr.
That helps.

However, there is no reference to the “Recent Projects” list.

I wouldn’t mind if I could even export the list as a text file.

I get really lazy remembering where all my projects are and even FORGET moments of off-the-wall inspiration if they don’t show up in that list . . .


All settings transferred by them self when I upgraded from 8.0 to 8.5

I’m wondering why you don’t want to just transfer the entire settings folder.

Is it destructive towards any of the new 8.5 settings/setup?

Just go to the start menu and copy the C8 User folder to the C8.5 user folder …simples :wink:

Wow, that’s really comprehensive. :smiley:

When I installed 8.5, it automatically grabbed all my settings from 8.0. As soon as I opened 8.5 everything was in place as I had it in 8.0.

Same for me. I wonder why some folks settings migrate fine & others don’t.

Unfortunately all my settings were also gone after the update.
Brandnew Intel i7 System on Windows 8.1 (it was set up 2 month ago), with just Cubase 8 and plugins installed.
In the past I always blamed a messy system for installation problems like that.
But this time it´s hard to make a guess why the update didn´t work properly … :frowning:

If you are on windows and install for all users instead of The user or vice versa. It will place the settings a different place.
Thus not using the old settings.

After install Cubase 8.5 should I delete Cubase 8 from my system so I can save HDD space? If so swat is the best way to do it?

This is what 'd like to know as well. I use copy+paste all the time, doesn’t seem to cause any problems.
I like to know of any files that are Not recommended by staff or users.
I also backup the entire Steinberg appdata + docs folder as a precaution for bu/restores.
None of my setting were transferred either this time.
8.5 working fine here btw.

Can you be more spesific ?

I don’t really understand how to do this

Does this include Midi devices, setup settings for inspector,mixer,transport etc etc ?

Ditto. And my experience is that they automatically migrated.