Migration of a Cubase 10.5 Mac License to a new Mac

Hi, could someone give me a tip how to migrate an existing 10.5 Cubase license from one mac to a new one and then upgrade ? Sorry … never done this before and the FAQ does not provide a simple guidance. / cheers Tom

Unplug the USB-eLicenser and plug it into the new Mac?

Hi, there is no USB eLicenser dongle. The software is licenses directly on the portal and also visible under my account. The USB would be an easy solution. I guess, i may have somehow to “detach” the license from the previous Mac and then “attach” it again to a new PC. But i am not sure and don´t want to make a mistake, specifically because we have a lot of setting are recorded tracks that i don´t want to lose.

So you are using a Soft eLicenser and that means you should make sure that all your licenses are registered by Steinberg. Check the registered licenses in your mySteinberg account to see if the are all there.

On the support site from Steinberg you find the below page describing the complete process of reactivating the license on a new computer

Danke, das schaue ich mir an. Musst bevor der “activation / re-activstion” nicht erst eine “deactivation” auf dem alten computer erfolgen ? liebe Gruesse / Tom