Mini keyboards

Anybody know if a mini midi keyboard that allows midi out channels to get changed from the keyboard. Or maybe an iOS app that can do it . I’m using korg iM1 and cubasis on iPad
It seems all I’ve seen can only change channel via PC software which defeats object if portability of iPad and mini keys
Or is it only not that works this way with midi
Thanks fir any replies

as said elsewhere IK Multimedia iRig Keys 25 does what you’re looking for and it’s bus powered too…

Maybe the topic starter has found a keyboard by now.
But others might find this info valuabke, for I can add two more keyboards that fill the bill.

  • M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
  • Line6 MobileKeys 25

Both keyboards are class compliant, velocity sensitive, compact, work with the USB to Lightning adapter and don’t need any external power. They also don’t need any software to change midi channel, program change, transpose, keyfeel etc.

And what I find very comfortable, they allow the octave +/- keys to be mapped for midi channel or program change on the fly.

Althoug Korg iM1 is equipped with a solid midi implementation and thus responds to midi channel and program change, Cubasis only responds to the midi channel change.

Thanks for recommendations . I ended up not returning the Korg microkey and found that midibridge app and some good midibridge support solved my needs . I dont gig so quick changes not essential for me but thanks to all