mini looper

a new experiment that should be in working order. (for HS3 or H6)
It’s a vstsound with a HSSE layer saved in it, so you should find it in the layer browser or the program browser.

What is it ?
A variation of the sample player, but this time with the focus on loop-playing and with warping.

It contains:
° 1 sample with one loop point and warp with a now working position marker on the screen.
° a basic static filter with no envelopes (it is a loop player)
° 3 busses, at the layer level with wah, delay and amplifer
° quick controls
° i have some busmeters up and running on the auxes, but it’s basic.

If you tresspass the sample “end level” when editing the loop end point, the loop stops. (still under investigation, because end levels should stop at the end of the sample)

all comments welcome as are suggestions

the files are located here:!AoOC6MMDw5SesEPK_28ZcZTtlcIX
other tested vstsound are located there too

kind regards,

How should it look like:
homegrown_002_looper v2.rar (981 KB)
homegrown_002_looper v2.rar (981 KB)