Minim instead of Tied Notes

When I input a “minim” it appears as a tied crotchet? Is there a way I can overcome this auto adjustment? I am using the free SE5 version at the moment.

Dorico has determined that based on the current time signature, Notation Options, the note’s place in the bar and whatever else is in that bar, two tied crotchets is the most correct way to write this note, and when this context changes, the notation will update if necessary. You can always override this by activating Force Duration (O) before entering notes, but do keep in mind that the software then will not keep you from writing wildly incorrect and incomprehensible rhythms. Best practice is to leave Force Duration off for the most part and only use it when you know why and how you’re overriding the defaults.

Thanks HR. I am probably being naive here but basically if I start with a dotted crotchet it appears as a crotchet tied to an 8th note. This rights itself if the next note fits with “on the beat” so to speak. Otherwise it rights itself but the new note input then has ties unless it finishes on the beat. If this is correct notation then I’ll leave as is but it just looked a bit odd?

I’m not sure I’m parsing your question correctly, could you post some screenshots? But indeed, except for some known edge cases, Dorico’s way of notating rhythms aligns with best practices in contemporary engraving, hence why you need to use Force Duration with caution.

Yes, Dorico makes a decision about whether the first note is dotted or tied, depending on what the next note is!

There are Notation Options, where you can configure the behaviour, but I don’t think they are available in SE.

But, as said, if you can show us a screenshot of what you’re doing, we can better advise.

Notation is very context specific (depending on the basic metrical structure and where in the bar you are entering the note). When you enter a note, Dorico does not yet know what is going to follow, so assumes there is nothing (i.e. it notates as though there is a rest following). When you enter the next note, it updates the previous notation automatically.

Thanks Ben. I think must b me who has been writing notation incorrectly all these years lol. In the scheme of things I will leave it to Dorico to decide in future. Thank u for your time.

Thanks Janus.

Thanks Hugo it seems I have been writing incorrectly, so I will leave it to Dorico. Thanks for your help.

just to add to the discussion, it’s not mainly about writing things correctly or not.
Notation is a vehicle to enable musicians to perform music in the best possible way. If notation is clear, unambiguous and easy to read, it will make the performers happy, rehearsals easier, and this will all result in a good performance.
That’s the only reason, why sometimes one notation is preferable to another one.
Dorico is trying to help on that path.

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Thanks KB totally agree. Thanks for taking the time to respond.