Minimal-size installation

I’m planning to install Dorico on a PC that only has a rather small built-in SSD and no room for expansions. Therefore, I’d like to minimize the installation size. Is it possible to install Dorico without Halion (and maybe use NotePerformer exclusively)?

Alternatively, would it be possible to use the Dorico Elements installer (which, according to the comparison page, only contains 2 GB of sample files instead of 8), but still use a full-version license?


Sure, you can install just Dorico itself and not install HSSE or HSO, and you could use NotePerformer exclusively with no problems.

Thanks, Daniel! Good to know.

Could Dorico perhaps allow the option of installing the Halion samples etc. on another drive, as you can do with Sibelius Sounds?

On Windows, you can choose the installation location for the content during the installation process; on Mac, the sounds are always installed on the boot volume, and can be moved after the fact, but it’s a bit of a fiddly process involving the use of aliases, etc.