Minimize Bug? Or Designed by Mephistopheles?

Just to add another perspective… I find the windows handling hugely improved over C7. Just the fact that I can now open the Audio Pool or the Crossfade Edit windows and my project windows remain maximised is a very big improvement for me. I’ve been waiting for that for a few years!

There are many things I like about this version (love the plugin manager!) - which is what makes this so galling.

As was noted above, I think much of the problem would be solved if:

  1. It were possible to simply dock all those windows together (even if only as an option).

  2. The minimize/restore buttons were restored. This one, especially, is a head scratcher. :confused:

I’ve found that after using Minimize All when I select another open program as soon as it gets restored the main C8 Tool bar gets restored too, graying out the monitor it is on.

Even though I have made a few admittedly harsh comments in this forum regarding the change in the windowing system in Cubase 8 on the PC, it IS still better than the old MDI model where everything resides within a single “master” workspace (except for “always on top” floating windows). The MDI paradigm is archaic and simply doesn’t work when using multiple monitors. Even Microsoft has abandoned MDI in the most recent versions of Office. So it’s great that Steinberg has finally moved away from MDI with Cubase 8.

It’s just that there was a better and simpler way for Steinberg to make these changes without resorting to an awkward, non-standard menu bar (and all the weird minimize/maximize issues this causes). I’m surprised Steinberg didn’t just copy what Presonus has done with Studio One. Although the look and feel of Studio One is an acquired taste, at least the program does window management right.

Exactly. All they needed to do was follow Microsoft’s implementation recommendations and not go out of their way to do it differently. Standards are created for a reason, and more often than not it pays to follow them.

I also agree it is still an improvement over their previous windows setup.

To minimise all windows, you can right click on the Cubase Icon in the top left corner - minimise all in the menu that appears. This is windows 8.1, not sure about 7

This also works in Win7 (anywhere in the titlebar, not just over the icon).

But it leaves the playhead cursor line painted on the screen.

And, when restoring it restores all but some VST plugins. E.g., Waves Dorrough Meters do not get restored and have to be maximized separately (as a group).

The other thread discussing the substance of this problem was locked, so I’m bumping this one.

You gotta relax with these things.

It’ll get sorted - it always does.

Perhaps you are right. I hope so. It’s very frustrating to use at the moment. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

yes, this issue will be fixed on the first maintenance update. It probably won’t be 100% perfect yet, but it will behave much better than it does now. We are preparing a quick fix for some of the most urgent issues for you to have ASAP, but the improvements will continue throughout the whole Cubase 8.0 life cycle.

Stay tuned!


That is GREAT news!

Yes, please FIX that minimize window thing - it’s a big pain !!!

I did notice that the new installer checks if you have the latest installer. Preparing the way for smaller bugfix patches?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :slight_smile:
Seriously though, Steinberg’s made the quirkiest window management and menu bar I’ve seen, ever.
I like a lot of the new features, like VCA’s (a feature I requested years ago), but the window management should never have been released in the state that it’s in. If I wanted to be a beta tester I would have applied for it, not paid for it. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the first (of several) fixes addressing this will be out soon.

Also, in most other programs (including Cubase 7.5.3), if you select the program icon in the task bar, the program minimizes and maximizes porperly, not Cubase 8.

I only had a few minutes to check out the latest update, and won’t be able to dig deeper 'til later today.

I’m wondering:

Is anyone experiencing the issues outlined in this thread seeing any improvement with the update? In my admittedly quick tour, I have not seen any obvious improvements.

I tired writing this, but … why windows docking can’t look and behave like Studio One 2 ? Why Steinberg want to do things better then it already exists and good working ? Is it an ego or something ?