minimize cubase 8.5 to taskbar (windows 7 64bit) ?

in cubase 7.5 (as Im currently using) I can easy minimize cubase to the taskbar, just like any other software.
when I upgraded to cubase 8, this function stopped working as it always used to, and gave me loads of problems with not minimizing cubase properly, when I did make it work (kinda) I could still see my desktop and background while in cubase etc…
going back to cubase 7.5, minimizing to taskbar functions as normal again…

are these problems / bugs corrected in cubase 8.5 ?
and if they are still there is there a way to get around them ?


minimizing works as expected here on Windows 7 x64, please make sure you are running either 8.0.20 or .30.

You can get rid of the transparent background by double-clicking on the Cubase bar - in case of multi-monitor setup, the background will cover the screen where you have placed the Cubase bar. The behaviour is the same in 8.5.

Kind regards,

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I still feel a bit itchy about upgrading to 8.5, as the upgrade to 8 actually meant a step back down to 7.5 for me.

then again… I somehow feel that the upgrade price will probably be worth it, if its only for the retrologue 2 :slight_smile: