Minimize file option for having more capacity on data storag

Minimize file option is very good for wave events that we edited with cuter and delete one of this event .
That can this event delete of data storage.
There is This option on cubase pc version in the pool option.
Can we have this option in future update?
Very thanks of you

This would be useful.

I think you can trim the files and gain the space back if you open them in the wave editor (double tap part) as opposed to trimming them in the arrange screen, but beware as this will edit ALL copies of the wave file used in the arrange window.
It works ok if you have only 1 instance of the wave in your arrangement. Or a copy of exactly the same part of the wave in your arrangement.
It doesn’t work well if you have used different parts of the wave in your arrangement, as you have to make multiple copies of your original file and trim the separately.

Having the above would certainly make this easier to manage

Hi andy
Very thanks of you for answer
But the data not delete of hard or storage of divice completely.
Please check the storage of your divice before trimming and after trimming
I need that delete unwanted event after trimming or cutting completely of divice storage.
This option is very easy in to the cubase pc version . It can minimize data after cut or trimming of hard disk drive without copy of orginal event