Minimize Files wrecked my project and destroyed audio/files

Wow, talk about a loss. Figured I’d use Minimize Files for it’s specified use - to reduce project size - before doing a backup.

Well, the project is destroyed now. It appears it corrupted a slew of files that are now silent (no audio) and when the playback head reaches them, they cause data spikes and the channel meters to clip and stay clipped despite there being no audio.

This just destroyed some large amount of work I will never get back.

It either randomly destroyed files, or, it destroyed files that had DOP.

Not much to recreate,

  • Remove Unused Files
  • Empty Trash
  • Select All Remaining Files in Pool
  • Minimize Files
  • Saved Project
  • Closed Cubase
  • Did my Acronis backup
  • Re-opened Cubase/Last save
  • Project clearly wrecked,

Did you not do an Acronis backup before you did the change ?

That’s what i was thinking also (back up), but then to be fair, we’re not doing backups before each and every Cubase procedure we do, we assume a certain degree of Cubase stability.
To me at least that raises an interesting question …

what is the threshold that needs to be crossed to trigger a disk backup before doing a next subsequent Cubase procedure?

@Jon33 - is there a backup file or older version you can pull up that’s helpful? May not help for this project (sorry you’re having these problems), but maybe compulsively doing project "Save As"s at big changes like I do can save the bacon next time.

Well I backup all my Cubase files everyday, only takes a minute.
I do a complete disk backup once a week, to 3 different places, again, only takes about 5 mins for each backup,
For an important Project, I back it up as soon as a take is done, maybe overkill but I have never lost a file in over 20+ yrs when I switched from reel to reel tape.